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Peer Reviewer Development

12 weeks
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9 lessons
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We’re so excited that you’ve pursued this program to advance your skills in peer review. The content of this course is organized into lessons that are intended to be navigated from top to bottom.  Each lesson contains a video and other resources.
This program can be completed as an individual or as a group.  Consider teaming up with others to walk through the content in a sequence so that the group can come together to discuss what you’ve learned.  As you approach the practice peer reviews, meet to discuss which practice manuscript you’d like to review and how you’d like to come together to discuss and compare to other peer reviews.
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Please feel free to reach out to Robin Zavod if there are any questions or comments you’d like to discuss.
We hope to see you as a continued or future reviewer for CPTL and many more journals!

  • Overview of CPTL's Peer Reviewer Development Program

    View an 8-minute video and, if desired, download presentation slides outlining CPTL's Peer Reviewer Development Program.

  • What is Scholarship? Where Does Teaching and Learning Fit In?

    This lesson includes an 8-minute video that discusses the four types of scholarship as outlined by Boyer, slide set handout and links to some Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Journals in Pharmacy Education.

  • Peer Review - What, Why and How?

    This lesson includes a 17-minute video, with slide set handout, that provides an overview of peer review including; definitions, processes and tips for high quality.  A discussion guide and self-study document will take you even further into the nuances of peer review.  You'll also find a link to a paper that shares some tips on how to approach the peer review process.

  • What is Quality in Peer Review and How Do I Achieve It?

    Providing a high quality review is the greatest help we can provide.  Included in this lesson is a video presentation with slides, a checklist to guide peer reviews and a link to an article detailing quality in pharmacy peer review.

  • Helpful Resources for Developing Peer Reviewers

    This lesson provides a self-assessment tool to help you outline your peer review interests and identify needs for your development.  A list of pharmacy practice and education journals is included to help you identify where you might find articles and build familiarity with journals.

  • Practice Peer Reviews

    In this section, we want to give you the opportunity to practice what you've learned. There are three lessons with different types of manuscripts submitted to CPTL. With the authors permission, we have supplied you with the initial submitted draft, peer reviewer comments to the initial draft and subsequent versions of the paper with reviewer comments.

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