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SOTL Quick Start – Coming Soon!
The editorial boards of Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning and Innovations in Pharmacy are planning a joint series of posts to appear in CPTLPulses.  The twelve part series is designed for pharmacy faculty (clinicians or scientists) that have a question related to teaching and learning that requires inquiry.  The goals are to: 1) aid readers in preparing for meaningful, consequential scholarly contributions and 2) help avoid common pitfalls in educational scholarship.  The first post is anticipated in December 2020.  

Please follow our social media on Twitter (@IiPJournal@CPTLJournal) and Facebook (CPTL) for announcements. In addition, you can follow CPTLPulses.  Questions can be addressed to Kristin Janke (Minnesota) or Kyle Wilby (Otago), Series Coordinators.

Peer Reviewer Development – Learn more about the peer review process and how to provide a quality peer review.

Methodology Matters – CPTL has published an instructive series of articles to help readers learn more about how to design and carry out research in the areas of teaching and learning. This page collects them into one place for you!