Peer Review Week

Programming for Peer Review Week

1.  Coffee Break Webinars – 30 minute webinars including discussion time focused on topics that address peer review quality.  All are hosted online at
9/16/2019  – 12pm CST – Addressing Manuscript Utility in Peer Reviews – hosted by Andrew Bzowyckyj

9/18/2019 – 10am CST – Clear and Consistent Messaging in Peer Reviews -hosted by Robin Zavod
9/20/2019 – 3pm CST  – Content of the Peer Review – hosted by Andy Traynor

2.  CPTL’s Online Self-Directed Peer Reviewer Development  – utilize the directions below to find some tools and resources that will help you become a better peer reviewer.

  1. Go online to
  2. Click Alternate Login
  3. Enter user name: cuwpharmacy and password: concordia
  4. Under “My Organizations” click CPTL Peer Reviewer Development
  5. On the left hand toolbar, click “Content”
  6. The description at the top provides suggestions on navigating with further directions in each module.

Activities for Peer Review Week
1. Raise the Bar Videos – If you had some tips or advice for reviewers AND/OR you want to share how peer review has positively impacted your own scholarly work, please record a short video, post to youtube (making it public) and share the link with  We’ll highlight these during the week.

2.  Raise the Bar Socials – Organize a school or department gathering.  Consider celebrating the week with a candy bar or ice cream bar to celebrate peer reviewers, participate in programming and/or share your peer review successes.  Take pictures and share on social media using some of the tags below.





3.  My Peer Review Buddy and Me – Experienced peer reviewers could identify and expose a new peer reviewer to the CPTL Peer Reviewer Development Program (directions above).  Take a picture with your peer review buddy and share on social media using the tag below.

We hope you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Peer Review Week 2019 in some way!  Thanks for all you do in the area of scholarly service!