SOTL Quick Start

The editorial boards of Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning and Innovations in Pharmacy are releasing a joint series of posts to appear in CPTLPulses.  The twelve part series is designed for pharmacy faculty (clinicians or scientists) that have a question related to teaching and learning that requires inquiry.  The goals are to: 1) aid readers in preparing for meaningful, consequential scholarly contributions and 2) help avoid common pitfalls in educational scholarship.  

What do conference receptions and scholarly writing have in common?  – Coming Soon

Quick starting your development as a PharmEd scholar – Coming Soon

Please follow our social media on Twitter (@IiPJournal@CPTLJournal) and Facebook (CPTL) for announcements. In addition, you can follow CPTLPulses.  Questions can be addressed to Kristin Janke (Minnesota) or Kyle Wilby (Otago), Series Coordinators.